Company history


Our company was founded as a family business in 1996 with only one 14 passenger van. We spent our first year with introducing our services, and establishing relationships. In 2003, we have upgraded to a larger, more modern van. By 2005, we had two vehicles, and today we are operating with three vans. All three vans are up to European standards, and are quite capable of satisfying all needs of our dear passengers. Our drivers have decades of experience, excellent local knowledge, language skills, and are very helpful. Today, our company is widely known. Due to our extensive relationship network and close cooperation with other businesses, we can fulfill any number of orders. Individual needs can be accommodated. Transport of bicycles, ski equipment, and many other ideas are feasible.

Szines Ltd. is looking forward to count you among its satisfied customers.
Színes Ltd.
1201 Wesselényi street 106.
Budapest, Hungary
phone/fax: 283-1242
mobile: 20/953-3607
mobile: 20/927-3647